“I strive to represent all of my clients with integrity and professionalism.”

“I strive to represent all of my clients with integrity and professionalism.”

The mission of the Law Office of Karen Halverson is to provide zealous, uncompromising representation to each and every client—no matter the circumstances.

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Halverson focuses her practice in the area of criminal law—from negligent driving and property crimes to sex offense, assault and aggravated murder. Many of her high profile cases have been covered in the media.

In addition, Halverson has experience in sex offender de-registration, vacating of criminal convictions, and restoration of firearms rights. She also represents clients in personal injury cases, such as motor vehicle collisions and in premises claims.


“I am a vigorous advocate for my clients,” explains Halverson. “I am passionate about helping people see the light at the end of the tunnel and getting lives back on track.”

Karen Halverson has practiced law in Washington State since 1988. She has represented all kinds of clients on very serious cases, and is not afraid to go to trial or negotiate with a prosecutor. Halverson is one of a select group of criminal defense attorneys in the state qualified to represent people facing the death penalty.

When she’s not trying cases in court, Halverson loves spending time in the country with her two dogs, two cats, and four horses competing in equestrian events.

Education & experience
Graduate of Wheaton College: Norton, MA
Graduate of Syracuse University: Syracuse, NY
1988 – 2001
Snohomish County Public Defender Association: Everett, WA
1995 – 1996
Attorney for Groshong and Thornton: Seattle, WA
2001 – present
Karen Halverson Law: Everett, WA


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“I advocate for people in need when they cannot do it for themselves.”

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